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Novatouch add'ons


All modules are modularly expandable and grow with you and your requirements.

NovaTouch Mobile

Closer to the guest with direct service.

NovaTouch Mobile is the logical shift from stationary cash registers to mobile handhelds.


This enables you to use all the functions you are accustomed to in front of the cash register directly at the guest, thus speeding up your processes.


Because by completing an order directly at the table, the kitchen can react immediately.  This automatically optimizes all downstream processes. By the way, you also amaze your customers, since the waiting times until a drink or a meal reaches the guest are reduced enormously.


You can of course also achieve the same wow effect when paying: Whereas in the past you had to wait until the waiter came back with the finished bill, today this happens directly on the guest, including billing and printing. And even if something still needs to be changed on the invoice, for example because the guest has made a complaint - with NovaTouch Mobile you are able to react on the spot and save your guest unnecessary waiting time!


Information manager

Store management via online app for mobile controlling in real time. Companies with several branch operations benefit from the interface of our NovaTouch POS to the real-time controlling software my Cockpit.  

The NovaTouch Information Manager is the ideal solution for branch management. It shows the manager the current business developments, processed to the minute and clearly presented, so that current trends and developments can be identified at an early stage.

The latest data from the individual branches and POS can be called up in seconds on any device - even mobile via smartphone app.



Digital kitchen passport with many extras.

The NovaTouch kitchen manager combines the best of both worlds: 

Image by Rod Long

On the one hand, it replaces the well-tried and well-known "kitchen passport", and on the other hand, it bridges the gap to the digital age by providing you with many additional options for data tracking and analysis - options that a receipt on the board can simply offer you. 



The private cloud for online controlling.

NovaTouch EnterpriseManager is aimed at chain stores or restaurateurs who want to manage and control multiple operations from a central location.

Image by Austin Distel

All data can be accessed at any time, and the individual locations can be controlled via authorization levels. You can maintain item data centrally and distribute any price changes to the locations online at the same time.


The data generated in the store can be synchronized with the head office in real time. With our NovaTouch EnterpriseManager, you have a "private cloud". You determine what may be changed in the locations or what is controlled via the cloud.



No more surprises during inventory.

Who doesn't know the challenge with "bottled goods" in terms of control, cross-departmental work or teams operating at different times?


At the latest during the inventory the problem becomes clear and usually no one is responsible if there are shortages - and there are , believe us! With NovaTouch StockManager you have all these issues comfortably under control.


At any time, our module provides an overview of your beverage drawers, open bottles, dispensers, etc. at the touch of a button.
So you always know what's "on".

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