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 As of April 1, 2017, the second stage of the
of the 2016/2017 tax reform.

Cash register

security ordinance


Since 01.01.2016, all businesses with annual sales of more than 15,000 euros and cash sales of more than 7500 euros have been required to use a cash register in addition to providing receipts.


From 01.04.2017, each cash register must also be protected against manipulation, i.e. each individual receipt for a cash turnover must be protected in such a way that it cannot be subsequently changed.




For businesses covered by the regulation, this means that every cash register must be equipped with a technical security device that links cash transactions to an electronic signature or the seal of the signature/seal creation unit. 


Exactly what this must look like is regulated in the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) and the associated annex (detailed specifications).


The law provides detailed information on what such tamper protection must achieve:

- The cash register must have a cash register identification number, which must be reported via FinanzOnline.

- The cash register must have a suitable interface to a security device with a signature creation unit (chip card or hardware security module). security module).

- Each receipt must be provided with a machine-readable code (QR code).

- Each individual cash transaction, as well as the subsequent declared monthly and final receipts, shall be electronically signed. In this case, an electronic

  signature must be must be requested from the signature creation unit and printed on the corresponding receipt as part of the machine-readable code

- The signature of a document does not consist exclusively of the document data of the current document, but for reasons of concatenation also contains the

  signature value of the immediately preceding document. also contains the signature value of the immediately preceding document.

- The cash register must be able to generate a start document that enables an audit in accordance with §6(4) RKSV.

- A data acquisition protocol (DEP), in which each individual cash transaction including the electronic signature is to be recorded and saved, must be kept.

- It must be possible to export the data capture log accordingly at any time. The prescribed format specifications must be adhered to exactly.

- The cash sales recorded in the cash register shall be added up on an ongoing basis (sales counter)

- It must be possible to encrypt the sales counter using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

- The cash register must be able to create a final receipt with amount zero (0) in case of a scheduled decommissioning of the cash register.

- A quarterly backup function must be available that makes it possible to save the data of the data acquisition log to an external data carrier in an audit-proof


- The cash register must not contain any devices that can be used to bypass the activation of the security device.


At the heart of the legal requirements for a cash register from 01.04.2017 is the protection of receipts against manipulation. The law also immediately specifies how this requirement is to be met.

The immutability of the record is to be guaranteed by the signature of each cash turnover by means of a special signature creation unit. To enable your hotel software to do this, we are preparing a comprehensive and convenient solution for you in cooperation with fiskaltrust. In combination with your online signature creation unit of a trust service provider (VDA), it will provide you with the legal security you will need in the future when processing cash transactions.


By connecting the fiskaltrust security device to your hotel software and using the signature creation unit, you will meet these legal requirements in the simplest way possible:

- Signature creation

- Linking of documents

- Totals management and encryption

- Creation of status documents (start document, monthly document, annual document, closing document)

- Keeping of the data acquisition protocol (DEP) with export function according to RKSV directly at the cash register or backup in the fiskaltrust cloud

- Transmission of reportable vouchers to FinanzOnline (start-up, annual voucher, closing voucher)

- Audit-proof archiving (encrypted in the fiskaltrust cloud)


fiskaltrust is a Vienna-based manufacturer of security systems/security devices and a professional in the field of legally compliant documentation of business data.


In cooperation with various trust service providers, fiskaltrust provides a uniform interface and thus enables the simple implementation of all legal requirements from the RKSV.


For all solutions, the fiskaltrust service manages the sequential document number as well as the required total memory. When the signature is created, a data record is stored in the required data capture protocol (RKSV-DEP), which is also saved on an online server in the cloud.


The following information is based on the information available to us at this time:


protel SPE / MPE

- up to EUR 30. - one-time initial costs per online certificate


- EUR 360, - / year and operation for fiskaltrust SignatureCard plus Carefree

(online or offline signature creation, RKSV-DEP backup, all FinanzOnline reports, etc.)


fiskaltrust also offers cheaper products, depending on the range of functions. The cheapest product is EUR 48.-/year.

More information and product variants can be found directly at

protel AIR

- up to EUR 30. - one-time initial costs per online certificate


- EUR 288, - / year and operation for fiskaltrust SignatureCard plus Carefree

(online signature creation, RKSV-DEP backup, all FinanzOnline messages, etc.)


The costs for signature service and archiving will be charged directly by fiskaltrust.

Connection of your protel HMS to fiscaltrust

- EUR 440, - one-time service flat rate net


- EUR 0 protel update costs for customers with a support contract.

If you do not have a support contract yet, please contact


Quotations can be requested immediately from


To support the financing of the prescribed systems (acquisition or conversion), a premium of EUR 200,-- per cash register system can be applied for at the company tax office. 


Quotations for the connection of your protel hotel management system to fiskaltrust can be requested immediately from More information about the next steps will follow shortly on this page. We will inform you by e-mail as soon as there is an update. 


What you can already do. Prepare the data transfer to the tax office by creating a so-called cash register web service user via the e-portal of the tax administration:

- Log in to Finanz-Online, the e-government portal of the tax authorities.


- Create a cash register web service user in FinanzOnline.

How to proceed is described in these instructions on the fiskaltrust website.

If you have any questions, please contact your local tax office or your tax advisor.

Please send me an offer about the implementation of the protel RKSV solution.

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